Robyn Williams Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016

Robyn Williams

Robyn has nursing and education qualifications and has over thirty years of experience of working with Indigenous peoples, primarily in the NT. Her fields of expertise include cross-cultural curriculum development and program implementation; evaluation of community based programs; and qualitative research in Indigenous and remote health issues. She is currently coordinating the Bachelor of Health Science at CDU where she is also working with colleagues to develop a cultural competency framework and a remote health pathway in the Bachelor of Nursing. She works closely with the Chronic Conditions and Remote Health programs in the NT Department of Health and also works collaboratively with AMSANT, IAHA, Centre for Remote Health, Lowitja Institute of Indigenous Health Research, CRANAplus and LIME. Robyn is also undertaking PhD studies where her thesis is on exploring preparation for health professionals to be culturally safe and effective practitioners in Indigenous primary health care settings.

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