Rebecca Ivers Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016

Rebecca Ivers

Des Jones is a proud Murrawari man from north west NSW currently residing in Wentworth NSW. A cultural family man who enjoys meeting people and supporting Aboriginal economic development, Des has been involved in regional and community development for over 35 years and has a background in the building industry, building commercial and community houses for Aboriginal and non Aboriginal clients in Victoria and NSW dating back to the early eighties. Des has extensive experience in community engagement and the challenges of delivering projects both locally and regionally. He has held significant roles including chair of Maari Ma health and chairperson of Murdi Paaki Regional Corporation. He was Driving Change coordinator in Dareton Wentworth and is currently coordinator for the Buckle Up Program. Rebecca Ivers is the director of the Injury Division at the George Institute for Global Health and professor of public health at Sydney University. She has a program of research focused on the prevention of injury, and trauma care. Professor Ivers is a member of the UN Road Safety Collaboration, board member of the Road Traffic Injury Research Network and past president of the Australian Injury Prevention Network. She is currently leading research work on burn care in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, development of a fall prevention program for older Aboriginal people, as well as work on child restraints, adolescent health and development of child injury guidelines.

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