Poster Presentation Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016

Mitji Ngwali (Little Waves)–Creating a tsunami for the future (#403)

Geraldine Moran 1 , Lynette Milson 1
  1. Centre For Hope, Windale, NSW, Australia

Creating a strong path for the future is important. No more important is it than for our youth of Australia, especially for our First Nation youth. We need them to continue to understand themselves; develop their inherent leadership and natural abilities.

Participants will see a model for coaching based around modern coaching principles connected to a model of an Indigenous community and its ancient wisdom. This model can be applied for anyone, it has a national connection and an International effect, through its link to the support that an Indigenous community gives to one of its own in times of need. When individuals connect openly with each other the learnings create inspiration for all involved. Creating a sense of pride in a young person and allowing them to understand their culture and their path creates the ripples of change. Young people need to believe in themselves again and their own unique mark they bring to the world. Combining a sense of self-worth and values allows a young person to see themselves in a way that transcends the negativity that may surround them.

Take choice and social cognitive theory along with a healthy dose of positive psychology enmeshed in a model of community; the possibilities for building capacity and ensuring change for the future are immeasurable. The little waves that this creates in the individual who is coached can only lead to a tsunami of strength add the additional support of a mentor to really enable a young person to test and measure what they are made of. Giving a young person skills to deal with the modern trials of life is one thing, but connecting them to empower their pride in themselves and their culture raises their potential and their resilience to navigate the changing world in which we all live.

Our coaches work through the five circles of community allowing a young person to grow and develop strategies to truly understand themselves and others. This enables them to understand the importance of education to further their own interests and to allow them a successful life.