Poster Presentation Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016

The leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME) Network Indigenous pathways into medicine online resource (#335)

Odette Mazel 1 , Caitlin Ryan , Erin Nicholls
  1. LIME Network, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Background: The Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME) Network is dedicated to ensuring the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning of Indigenous health in medical education, as well as best practice in the recruitment and graduation of Indigenous students. The Indigenous Pathways into Medicine Online Resource and Video Profiles were designed to provide a clear and comprehensive first point of contact for Indigenous people who were looking to undertake medical studies. The resource is a searchable database that provides information comparing all medical courses in Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand, and details alternative entry models for Indigenous students. The video profiles provide personal insights into the journeys of medical students and graduates.
Methods: Information on entry requirements, course duration, alternative entry schemes, preparatory courses, scholarships, housing and financial assistance available at each university was gathered and collated into a tailored online, searchable database. The videos were developed in partnership with Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association and Te ORA Māori Medical Practitioners Association.
Results: The Pathways Resource and the accompanying videos have been utilised as recruitment resources. The videos have been shared with the LIME membership (c.1000) and are available via the website, YouTube, and USB. Since their launch, the resource homepage has been visited over 6,600 times with 4,700 searches undertaken and the videos have been viewed online over 2,300 times.
Discussion and conclusions: By providing clear and comprehensive information and profiling Indigenous medical students and graduates, this project encourages those with an interest in medicine to explore the avenues through which this could be achieved and highlights the support available to them as they complete their studies. The online resource contributes to development of a health workforce responsive to the needs of Indigenous people, by supporting increased recruitment of Indigenous doctors. The video profiles provide access to role models and highlight pathways Indigenous students may take to gain entry into medical degrees, and the support systems available within universities.